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U.S. Equity Initiative, Private Member Association

is a comprehensive resource for homeowners who are, or who may become, behind on their mortgage.

Stop Foreclosure

Administrative Process
Within the arsenal of our Foreclosure Defense tools, our Paralegal team has the ability to immediately Stop Foreclosure creating the opportunity for further litigation. Our Pre Qualified Members have had numerous Foreclosure Auctions and Trustee sales diverted to administrative processes and judicial motions in both judicial and non judicial states.

Chain of Title

We will complete a comprehensive, state-specific analysis to address issues regarding securitization and lack of proper implementation of rules and procedures that govern the SPV. Proper use of this Chain of title investigation could prove your home mortgage, through equitable ventures on you lenders behalf, is no longer backed by any security instrument.


Unsecured Residence
Either a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy could be an effective tool in avoiding an auction or trustee sale of your home when combined with other investigations and litigation. Our Private members are using bankruptcy as one of many tools to keep positive momentum during litigation instead of an initial means to overturn foreclosure.

Litigation Support

Complaint Preparation
Providing Concrete Evidence through Securitization auditing and Chain of Title Investigations is the foundation to fighting an attempt of a mortgage servicer to foreclosure on your home. With the combined Efforts of our Paralegal team and Sworn Expert Witnesses, Our Private members are having favorable judgement at staggering numbers fighting foreclosures Pro Se.

Loan Modification

Mediation – Preparation
Our Private Members are filing for a favorable loan modification with regardless of thier mortgages being in default, bankruptcy, or foreclosure. Providing a Chain of Title Investigation in junction with loan modifications prevents situations in which unclear loan ownership provides no legal authority to modify a loan.

Member Training

If you’re one of the millions of Americans having trouble making your mortgage payments or are in jeopardy of foreclosure, our educational programs give you information on alternatives to foreclosing your home mortgage and provides an introduction to the securitization of mortgages and home equity lines of credit.

Mortgage Fraud

Private Investigation
Our powerful private member association arms members with a Licensed Private Investigator who will conduct an investigation of all the foreclosure documents executed and recorded by the trustee, mortgage servicer, lender, or lender’s agents, for verification of compliance pursuant to Civil Code and State Penal Codes.

Loan Disposition

The LDA Report is a tool that will allow you to know definitively what you qualify for in the way of a foreclosure alternative. The LDA Report will inform you of those options, plus you will know why you DO or DO NOT qualify in terms that will hold up under any level of scrutiny all the way up to the court level

Strategic Foreclosure Solutions

The real estate meltdown cannot be traced to one single element. It is, rather, a complex, multi-faceted labyrinth of purposely confusing components that features a fake lending scheme at its foundation. The greed-driven industry that allowed, and even encouraged, unwarranted speculation in home prices was only the beginning of the end.

It created “phantom equity” where the perceived value of real estate far outpaced the actual true intrinsic home values. When this proverbial “house of cards” fell, trillions of dollars in phantom equity instantly evaporated. This left homeowners with properties that were worth far less than the amount owed. And as we know, this led to literally millions of foreclosures… which are still going on almost a decade after it all began.

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem. Because the vast majority of these transactions contained fraud at their very inception, the banks that created the underlying agreements are liable for what they’ve done. If their predatory, deceit-based, and outright fraudulent loan practices can be substantiated (a simple investigative analysis accomplishes this), then the loan contract can be rescinded or voided and all funds received by the lender, including interest and penalties, must be returned to the party they defrauded. This often requires a Breach of Contract lawsuit the homeowner files against the bank.

The Trustees at the U.S. Equity Initiative Private Members Association put together an alternative to the existing programs intended to help homeowners facing foreclosure of their residence. Our Association is dedicated to being an all encompassing support system helping homeowners who have, often through no fault of their own, found themselves subject to a potentially fraudulent mortgage that was either unaffordable or required payments that are against their financial best interest.

Many of the current existing HUD approved programs involve significant outlays of money that may only buy them time before the foreclosure process closes in on them. Many of the debt management programs that had modest success in the early days have fallen into disfavor as banks have enacted strategies to counter their progress. The banks are not going to go down without a serious fight.

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Program Initiatives:

Community Restoration
Preservation of National Land Records
Public Awareness of Real Property Rights